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Words From Recent Newsletter
Pastor's Page

Dear Church Family,

          Tribute to our blessed mothers....

He got here all wrinkled scared and cryin'
Then she took him up and held him to her breast,
And he sure was glad to get what mama offered
Then he went to sleep and put his fears to rest.
It didn't seem to matter what he needed
He could always count on mama to supply,
And regardless of the sleep she might be losin'
He always found a twinkle in her eye.
She taught him all the attributes of greatness
That she knew he couldn't learn away from home,
And by the time she wore the cover off her Bible
Her hair was gray and her little man was grown.
There ought to be a hall of fame for mamas
Creation's most unique and precious pearl,
And heaven help us always to remember
That the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.
Yes, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

Words by Tedd Harris

God's Peace & Protection be yours,
Pastor Gary Beatty