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Dear Church Family,

          Easter always makes my heart tender, and sensitive, unlike any other time of year.  It may be because of the terrible pain and suffering that Jesus endured. Or, it may be that Jesus had done nothing wrong, he was innocent.  But, that didn't matter to the courts, those in charge, those who thought they were in charge.  Maybe it's the reality of what Jesus could have done, what He could have called down from Heaven and put an end to the mockery and those who performed it.  Could it be that my heart is so tender because my heart is in that station, that condition, that Jesus said it had to be in to "believe" all that is true about Him?  "Lest you come as a little child..." was His words when they tried to penalize the little ones for being who they were.  It's ironic how we want to "get older" as fast as we can, but that doesn't always denote "growing up".  In years of ministry, I have found some young ones who were more "grown up" than many who were older than them.  Jesus knew that they would, bodily, age, but He also knew that faith is more powerful when we don't "attach" our conditional strings and limitations to it. That we just let it flow and let Him show that He is who He says He is, He can do everything He says He can do, and that nothing is impossible if we don't harden our hearts, callous our minds and toughen our hopes.  You see, when you come as a little child and things get tough, your tender heart is breaking, and you don't have an answer, all you have to do is just run to Him, jump in His lap, lay your head upon His chest and hear those wonderful words that will make it all better..."You are going to be just fine!"  And, you believe every bit of it, just because He said so.    Selah!

Happy Easter!
God's Peace & Protection be yours,
Pastor Gary Beatty