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Dear Church Family,

      This morning, I was reading where the disciples returned to Jesus, after they had been doing miracles and casting out demons, and they were just "whooping it up" about all the things they had done. Jesus did not join in on the "whooping", but rather insinuated that they did not have their priorities in order. Jesus said that they were not to rejoice in what they could do, but to rejoice in who they are, rejoice in the fact there is proof in Heaven that they are children of God, thru Jesus Christ.
     Jesus isn't being critical here, He is protecting them...protecting them from pride, which goes before a fall. The first thing to come out of our mouths is not that we hold a position, that we are important, that we do this or that. But, our first rejoicing, our first praise, should be that our names are written in Heaven, in the Lamb's Book of Life, and it is there not because of what we have done, but it is there because of what Jesus Christ has done for us.
     If I tell a person of the things I have done, they might be impressed, for while. But, if I tell them about all the things Jesus has done, for them, they might be saved, for all of eternity. The priority is clear. Selah

God's Peace & Protection be yours,
Pastor Gary Beatty