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Pastor's Page

Dear Church Family,

          Pentecost Sunday, it's when we remember when God came, in the Third Person, to live with men, and in men.  The Holy Spirit may be the most under-appreciated gift that our Heavenly Father ever blessed us with.  The Spirit is quenched, denied, ignored and downplayed by so many people(believers and make-believers), but He(and the Holy Spirit is a He, not an It)stands ready to take anyone to the Throne of Grace for salvation, repentance, healing and forgiveness, if a person is simply willing to say, "I am sorry" and truly mean it.  There is no "peace that passes all understanding" without the Comforter. Take time, every day, to say "Thank you for inviting me to salvation, sealing me in my salvation, and being there for the entire journey in my salvation."  As the song says, "There came a sound from Heaven, like a mighty rushing wind, He filled their hearts with gladness, and gave them peace within..."   Selah!

God's Peace & Protection be yours,
Pastor Gary Beatty