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Dear Church Family,
        I heard a story of a man, and his little boy, who were driving down the road.  All of a sudden, the little boy asked, "Dad, how big is God?"   The father realized the importance of his answer, so he noticed a jet stream in the sky, and he pointed and asked," Son, how big is that passenger jet up there?"   The little boy replied," why dad, that jet is small, it's little bitty!"   The father, then, drove past the local airport, pulled up to the fence and asked, "Son, how big is that passenger jet sitting over there?"  "Why dad, it's great big, it's huge", replied the young boy!  "Well, son, I guess the answer to your question of 'how big God is" depends upon how close you are to Him!"   Does God seem "great big" or "little bitty" to you today?  Seeing that God is still sitting in the same place He has always been, guess who moved?  That's right, when God seems "little bitty", we are the ones who have moved, and put distance in our relationship with Him.  As the prodical's father waited, on the front porch, for his child to return, so does our "Heavenly Father" wait, upon His throne, for us to come running to Him, jump in His Holy lap, where He can be "great big" to us again! Selah!

Pastor Gary Beatty