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Dear Church Family,

         "I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me." Gal.2:20
Basically, what Paul is saying is: "I am not me anymore, but I am a reflection of Christ, who is in me!" Wow, that is a pretty big statement, and an even bigger goal to achieve, that Christ is the first thing people see when they look at me, that I am not even in the conversation, let alone, be the center of the conversation. As we enter into the heart of Easter season, this is a good time to examine ourselves and see who gets the credit when a victory comes, whose name is mentioned first when a praise is offered, who is in the "Holy rolodex" for when the next challenge comes. John the Baptist stated that "I must decrease that He might increase", and this is not just in Sunday school, in the church service or in a ministry effort, but this must happen in us...everyday! Easter is about one person, and only one person...Jesus! There are many other players in this truth, but there is only one shining star, and that is the One on the Cross. Jesus was crucified that we might have the power to "crucify ourselves", to die to our desires and dreams, and become a willing prisoner of His will for us. It's our choice to break our independent selves and surrender to Jesus. He will die for us, but He will not make that decision for us. It is my prayer that many will, not only, break the chains of sin, but, also, break the chains of "self". Remember, He died on one day, but He desires to be Lord...everyday! Selah

Pastor Gary