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Pastor's Page

Dear Congregation,


Well, we have been packing for a journey, for 3 months now, and God has issued the call "ALL ABOARD".  Sunday, Sept, 16, we launched our ship with the purpose of each member, of First Church, searching for a "sheep" to bring to First Church.  In Luke 15, Jesus talks of the importance of putting our energy, and our resources, into finding that one who is missing, who has wandered away or who is missing and no one cares to look for them. If Jesus cared enough to die for them, shouldn't we care enough to, at least, look?  Especially, if it could be a family member, a friend or someone who is special to our hearts and lives? Jesus said that Heaven rejoices over one person (sheep) that repents and comes back home, and that we get to rejoice "with" Heaven.  And, a great thing about our journey is we get to rejoice as many times as we want, all we have to do is keep "looking and finding".  How exciting it is to know that a person, a soul, will walk closer to God, be a glory to God, and be used by God.  Plus, to know that that loved one, friend or friend-to-be will be back home, because we loved God that much, was grateful to Jesus that much, and we loved others because God loves them that much.  The "Search for One" will last until June 16, 2019, nine months to make the commitment, put on our searching eyes, and prepare to carry them back to the fold, that God might say "well, done!"  One member/One sheep/ 270+ days...I like our odds!  God is looking forward to the celebrations, let do it!    

Pastor Gary Beatty