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Words From Recent Newsletter
Pastor's Page

Dear Congregation,

    Well, what an honor to be able to share my first installment for the First Church newsletter.  And, make no mistake, it is truly an honor. The last few weeks, that I have been able to be the pastor of First Church, have truly been a blessing.  As I get familiar with the history of the church, the people of the church, and the potential of the church, I can see where we could be used, by Abba God, to touch the Limaland area for Jesus Christ. I am so encouraged as to what the Lord has in mind for this church.  At this point, I feel we are "on the potter's wheel" waiting for the Master's hands to mold, and make, a wonderful, re-freshed body of believers that He can send out to live Christ in front of as many people as possible.  The messages, that the Lord has given so far, have been, I pray, encouraging, enlightening, and reflective, for the great people of First Church.  Even though we have had visitors, and we thank God for them, this time is for the "home team" to prepare for a journey that, only, God can send us on.  There is a purpose, and a plan, that only First Church can achieve, and it is humbling to think that the Creator of the universe is counting on His church, on W. Wayne Street, to get it done.  But, we must remember that it is He who does it, that He just, simply, choses to do it thru us, more times than not.
      So, buckle up!   This is going to be a great adventure and a divine journey, if we allow Him to lead us, prepare us, provide for us and that we do it, strictly, because of what Christ did for us, on the Cross, and because we love Him that much.  

Pastor Gary Beatty